Precision Dentistry

Preventative Care

Prevention is always better than cure - this is a sensible philosophy and one we follow closely by offering advice and treatments in the following areas:

Tooth cleaning

Many people brush their teeth several times per day but their brushing technique is inadequate to get the teeth properly clean. We offer advice on the best way to clean your teeth and the best types of equipment to use (e.g. electric tooth brushes, floss). We will follow-up on your cleaning regime and offer guidance in your regular check-ups.

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Hygienist services

We can complement your own cleaning regime with the professional tooth cleaning services of our resident hygienist. The hygienist will not only clean and polish your teeth but will also provide comprehensive advice on the best ways to keep your teeth clean between visits.

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Fissure sealants

Where appropriate we may recommend the use of fissure sealants, a hard, thin, plastic coating applied to the biting surfaces of the back teeth. These sealants prevent food and bacteria from entering the small grooves in the tooth surface and subsequent decay.

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An appropriate level of fluoride in toothpaste and in drinking water is beneficial in helping to prevent tooth decay. We can advise on different fluoride sources and safe intake levels.

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Certain carbohydrates, particularly sugars are a major source of tooth decay and must be consumed in moderation. We can advise on the types of foods to avoid and also those which will contribute to good oral health.

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Minimally Invasive Dentistry

We promote the principles of minimally invasive dentistry as follows:

  • we perform only the minimum amount of treatment needed in any particular situation
  • we use the most appropriate dental procedures to ensure the number of patient visits are minimised
  • we use only the strongest and hardest wearing materials to minimise the need for future treatment and replacements
  • we only remove the minimal amount of original tooth structure needed to ensure the successful completion of the prescribed treatment
  • we use appropriate dental materials to conserve the maximum amount of the original tooth structure
  • we only use dental materials that have been thoroughly researched by leading dental institutes and laboratories and which are absolutely fit for purpose
  • we only use dental laboratories the conform to minimal invasive principles

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