Precision Dentistry

Composite Bonding

Bonding is a dental technique whereby a tooth coloured material is fixed to the existing tooth surface to create a bond. The bond material is typically a hardened plastic derivative and is designed to improve the tooth’s appearance by changing size, shape or covering surface fractures and defects so giving the appearance of straight teeth. It is a conservative and relatively simple way of altering the appearance of a tooth or teeth and is usually completed in a single visit.

Composite Bonding - Case 1

In this case the fractured incisor tooth has been restored with composite bonding techniques (click to enlarge)

Composite Bonding - Case 2

In this case the severely worn lower six front teeth are restored using composite bonding techniques (upper jaw restored with a denture, ( see complete denture section).

Composite Bonding Case 2

Dr Sharma provides high quality dental composite bonding services from his comfortable practice in Central London.

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